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Save Money With – Discount Tips

Amazon already has great prices on great products. But having that extra benefit on saving some cash is appealing. You can find discounts and deals on amazon and as well as other sources online.

On Amazon, there are several options. Such as-

  • Amazon Today’s Deals: You will find daily deals on various products at the top of maximum pages.
  • Warehouse Deals: There are many used products on amazon warehouse, and they come with great deals too.
  • From The Coupon Page: You can find the coupons page on Today’s Deals option. You can clip those coupons to get a discount or browse our continuously updated Amazon coupon codes for extra savings.
  • The Subscription on Recurring Items: You can have discounts on recurring shipments for several things you buy a lot.
  • Amazon Trading Discounts: You can get amazon credit in exchange for your old items.
  • A Prime Account: You can have access to many offers and discounts upon having a prime account and a prime student account.

Benefits of Prime Members

For Amazon prime membership, customers will get some extra benefits and facilities. Members will get free two-day shipping and no-rush delivery. Watch add-free movies and shows at any time without downloading any app — access to unlimited Amazon video and music and unlimited photo storage.  Prime members can get access to Prime Pantry for groceries and household products and can buy Whole Foods Market with exclusive savings, plus up to 20% off baby food and products. To get this all benefits and 30 days free trial, customers must Sign Up for prime membership and have to pay a small amount of annual fee.

Amazon Smiles Prime

Amazon Smiles, Prime is just like with a little significant difference. Whenever you shop from amazon smile, the foundation donates 0.5% of the purchase price of specific products to a charitable organization. You can choose the organization yourself.

The prices of the products are the same as Also, if you have a charitable organization of your own, you can add yours to get the benefit of amazon smile. This is an excellent initiative of Amazon.

Amazon Digital Services

Amazon’s digital services include digital products such as e-books, software, video games, tv, movies, music, and different shows. You can get access to these products with amazon prime subscription. Products are of the following types-

  • Prime Video
  • Amazon music
  • Kindle Reading Apps
  • Amazon photos and drives
  • Digital Games, software and courses
  • Amazon Appstore
  • Amazon audiobooks

The charges of these products vary. For unlimited kindle service, it costs about $9.99. For Amazon digital svcs, it costs $99. For games and software, it charges according to the value of the product itself.

Amazon Registry 

Amazon registry is an option that let’s user to create two types of registry. You can utilize them for discounts, rewards, and bonus gifts. Once you complete the log, you can get the benefits of it. You can invite your family and friends to buy from the registry. The two registries are as follows-

  • Baby Registry: With the amazon baby registry, you can get baby items from amazon and also from any website. You will need to create a registry and fill it up with baby essentials. After you buy items from the registry and complete the registry, you will get a completion discount of 10% for once. You get a free welcome box as well. These have a 365-day return policy.
  • Wedding Registry: Registering for wedding gifts online is a real thing now. You can just create a registry with your name and wedding information to receive your desired gifts. With amazon, you get a wide range of products you can add to your registry list. Just like the baby registry, you get rewards and gifts upon completion of the registry. Here the discount is 20% and free bonus gifts. So, now get gifts you want without any registry limits.

Amazon Most Expensive Items

Amazon has a wide variety of products. It sells almost everything you can ever ask for. Among them, some things are costly. Usually, the most expensive items on amazon are branded watches, collectable items, cameras, electronic appliances, and pieces of jewelry.

Goldbox Deals On Amazon

Under today’s deals sections, you will find some daily specials. These are discounts on some products every day. The Goldbox deal features the best online deals available each day of shopping. This includes thousands of items on with a massive amount of discount every day. The contracts can be of different types as well.

Amazon Warehouse Deals

Amazon Warehouse Deals is a part of where Amazon sellers offering a huge discount on return, refurbished and used products that are in good condition. Shoppers can take advantage of Amazon Warehouse deals if they don’t have a problem with an open box or refurbished items. Buyers can get great discounts on everything from furnishers to electronics that they want to purchase. For an extra discount, you must check out the Amazon Warehouse page to get frequently updated promotional codes and deals.

Warehouse products are listed in 4 types of different condition:

  • Used- “Like New”: The condition of products is absolutely perfect but doesn’t meet the packing requirement of 
  • Used- “Very Good”: When the products are working perfectly with a limited used are classified as “Very Good”.
  • Used- “Good”: If the Products are used consistently but still working in a good condition are classified as “used-Good” 
  • Used- “Acceptable”: When the products might be damage with some missing parts but have good conditions.

Shipping and Return of Amazon

Amazon shipping policy is simple and easy because they act as a middle man for seller and traders. The estimated orders delivery time is within 5-8 business days in the United States, and it varies from merchant to merchant the rest of other Countries. Customers can get free shipping orders over $25 of any eligible items, and also free shipping is available for Amazon prime members.

Amazon return policy is very easy if the order shipped from or  Amazon Warehouse, in that case, products can return within 30 days of receipt of shipment. Some products retune policies or requirement is different so buyers can follow the instructions as provided with their shipped order.

My Amazon Orders

These are just orders; you did previously. This is more like and order history. You can find the option of saying your orders. There all of your previous orders will be enlisted with every bit of information.

Top Questions to Ask About Amazon

amazon top question

Amazon is probably the most popular online marketplace right now. There are many things and features of amazon that are still unknown to many people. Here we answer some queries related to amazon

How to Win Amazon Giveaways?

Do you know that you can win free products from Amazon through Amazon giveaways? Amazon giveaways are an opportunity to receive huge numbers of free promotional products from different merchants of Amazon. Seller offer giveaways to grab the attention of new customers and get more reviews of their products. Winning Amazon Giveaways is not much difficult because sellers feature more than 1000 products from home improvement to digital products. So you can win tons of different prizes with Amazon Giveaways what you like. Grabbing this opportunity, you have to be a registered user of After that, you would be to join the giveaway and then follow the instructions of the promotion. The winning process depends on the type of promotion, and the winner could be chosen randomly. If you see you don’t win the prize after clicking the animated giveaway box, you will see the option to buy the item at a discount price. So keep trying and win the Amazon giveaways without free of cost.

What Is Amazon Courtesy Credit?

Courtesy credits are just free credits you get upon using Amazon regularly. This is part of their promotional activities. These courtesy credits come as a result of no-rush shipping. So, when you opt for standard shipping rather than fast shipping, you get courtesy credits. All though it doesn’t happen every single time. Their value can vary from $1 to $150. You will most probably get an email or an in-app notification with a message saying you received courtesy credit. You can spend them only on items sold and shipped by Amazon.

How to Transfer Amazon Gift Card Balance to A Bank Account?

You can’t transfer your amazon gift card balance to your bank account. You will either need to sell it or buy something of worth. There is no way to transfer the gift card balance to your bank account.

How to Change The Billing Address On Amazon?

If you have made any mistake or want to use another billing address, you can do it in simple steps. Just follow the steps below.

  • First, go to your orders option on amazon.
  • Then click on the order details option of the order you want to change your billing information.
  • If ships the orders, you can click change to proceed.
  • Then just follow along the on-screen instructions to change your billing information.
  • Then click change beside the billing information tab.

That’s it you are done. And if Amazon seller ships the orders, then you will need to contact the seller.

How Long Does It Take for Amazon to Ship?

Usually, the standard shipping in Amazon takes 2 to 5 business days at best. For fast shipping, it takes about 1 to 3 business days, at least. These are for the U.S. only. For global shipping, it takes 9 to 12 days in standard shipping and 5 to 8 days in expedited shipping. And if you have the urgency, you can go for priority global shipping, which takes about 2 to 4 days. Different kinds of shipping cost you differently.

How to Share An Amazon Wish List?

If you have already made a wish list and want to share it with your close ones, then you can follow the steps below.

  • First of all, go to your wish list on
  • Then click on the file you would like to share
  • On the top right corner, you will see an option saying Send the list to others. Click on it.
  • You will get a link or get an option to input email addresses.
  • You can either copy the link to share it or you can email them your wish list.
  • For emailing type, the recipient’s email and click send the email.

This is a great way to share your gift ideas with your friends and family.

How to Add a Device to Amazon?

You can use either an app or the website to add a device to amazon. All you will need to do is sign-in with an authorized amazon account, and that’s it. You must have an amazon account before you do all that. You can easily create an amazon account with your name and email through amazon account registration.

To add your amazon to any device, simply download an app such as kindle reader or amazon prime video or any amazon app. Then just sign in with your Amazon account. And your device will be added on Amazon.